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What is a Pawn Shop? 

The Pawn Shop industry is an ancient business. 

This business helps people during tough times by means of the lender

borrow money to the lendee on collateral-items a person is in possession in.

How long can my item stay in Pawn? 

In every state, there are different guidelines. In California a

person is given four months on each loan they have.  

How many times can I pawn my item?

You may pawn your item as many times as you need.  

Is there a fee/interest? 

A pawnbroker is in the business to help but in order to do so each

loan given has a charge/interest associated with it.  During the time of

redemption, the borrower would pay back the principle payment plus the interest on the account. 

 Does the interest payment stay the same? 

Each client is given a copy of what they have in pawn. There are little

boxes showing the payment you must make to get item out of “hawk”.

During the first three months, the interest payment is the same amount

for the Pawn Industry is regulated by Federal Trade Commission.  If someone

pawns their item within the first three months, the amount charged will stay

the same. The pawn industry is governed by all of the major federal

laws that apply to entities designed as financial institutions. 

  Can I keep my items in longer than four months? 

If the loan is coming to maturity, the owner can come to the shop and

make a payment on the account to keep items in pawn for a duration

of another four months. 

  Do I have to wait the four months to get item back? 

No. Hard times hit everyone but some people are able to come

back the same day to pick up their item(s). 

Can someone else pick up my stuff? 

No.  The person who pawned the item must come back for it. These

contracts are confidential. Each transaction is secure and private. 

How does the pawnbroker know what my stuff is worth? 

To acquire knowledge and understanding is a long process in this

Pawnbroker business ( pawn shop) . Every day the pawnbroker deals with similar items. A loan is money borrowed by lendee and a

pawnbroker has a long understanding relationship with the market trends and

commodities. It is the job of the pawnbroker to know daily spikes

and fads. Pawn shop, loan, Santa Ana, quick loans

Ephesians 3:16-19